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As a municipality within the European Union, you are eligible to apply for a voucher as part of the WiFi4EU initiative. The vouchers, worth EUR 15,000 each, will serve to provide your community with a free public connection.

How it works

The WiFi4EU initiative is open to municipalities or associations formed by municipalities (applying on behalf of one or more of their members). The list of eligible entities is updated by the Member States before each call for applications.

Once a municipality wins a voucher, it is free to install the WiFi4EU hotspots in any public place that can be considered the centre of their community life: town hall, public libraries, health centres, museum, square, park, etc.

The voucher will provide a fixed amount of funding per municipality. It will fund the equipment and installation costs, while the beneficiary will pay for the connectivity and maintenance of the equipment for 3 years. The municipalities that receive a voucher will select the 'centres of public life' where the WiFi4EU hotspots (wireless access points) will be installed. They may also use the WiFi4EU voucher to partially fund a project of higher value.

Voucher Assignment

The vouchers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to ensure a geographical balance, each participating country will be entitled to a minimum of 15 vouchers.

The Calls

The 2018 Call marked the first of four WiFi4EU calls that will be made over the coming two years. It is expected that a total of 6,000 – 8,000 municipalities will benefit from WiFi4EU by 2020.

How to apply

The WiFi4EU scheme will be delivered through simple and non-bureaucratic procedures such as online applications, payments by vouchers and light-touch monitoring requirements. Municipalities wishing to apply for a voucher should first register at the WiFi4EU portal. Once registered, the municipalities can apply at the time that the call opens by revisiting the portal and sending their application. The voucher winners will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unlucky and miss out on the first call, you will be able to try again in the next ones.

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