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Over the years I witnessed with great interest the phenomenal development of federated wifi access through eduroam. In relation to the recent announcement of the one billion connections to eduroam, I am thrilled about this new achievement that firmly establishes GÉANT - made up of the European and national research and education networks (NRENs) – as a key eco-system for federated solutions supporting science in Europe.
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The "Quantum Europe: a New Era of Technology" event sets a new ambition for a dynamic Quantum Technology research and innovation ecosystem in Europe
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April is a busy month for the Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships with many important milestones: Partnering kick-off events, seminars, HPB platform release, a new web portal and the start of Graphene Phase 2!
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In the coming days, the Commission will launch the interim evaluation of the two FET Flagships, the Human Brain Project (HBP) and Graphene. The evaluation will be held by a panel of high-level experts. Their goal will be to analyse the capability of the Flagships in delivering their long-term objectives. The recommendations of the evaluation panel will help fine-tuning the current implementation of the Flagships and their governance model and pave the way for future FET Flagships.
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The Human Brain Project Flagship call for systems and cognitive neuroscience community to join the project's next phase, under Horizon 2020
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The Commission held last January the first annual review meeting of the Graphene Flagship, assisted by 14 independent experts in Brussels. The aim of the review was to assess the work of the Flagship in its first year of activities, covering the scientific and technological progress of the project as well as health and safety aspects and the Consortium's coordination and management.
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Human Brain Project: first assessment, recommendations and challenges ahead.