professional headhsot of Urs Bergmann, member of Aritificial Intelligence Alliance high level group
Research lead and machine learning expert, Zalando SE

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As a research lead, Urs Bergmann pushes the limits of machine learning at Zalando Research – a unit within Zalando SE that covers diverse AI topics ranging from Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Recommender Systems to Fashion Image Analysis and Manipulation. As one of Zalando’s research and data scientists, he gathered experience in business fields ranging from logistics to size recommendation, and selected contributions have been published at top-tier conferences in the field. Learning systems have been his focus since his diploma thesis on Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks at the University of Heidelberg. During his Ph.D. at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and a following postdoc position at the Humboldt University of Berlin, he further deepened his machine learning experience into timing-based learning, probabilistic and Bayesian modelling.