What if public services were connected and information open for access? The "Cloud of public services" concept is based on public services' availability as re-usable building blocks, grounded on interoperability and the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Public administrations are often organised in silos: monolithic architecture models can make it difficult to re-use services. As public services need to become more efficient and effective, governments are considering innovative ways of developing and organising the public sector to create public value. The open government approach is based on collaboration, transparency and participation. The approach is driven by opening up and sharing assets - making data, services and decisions open.

The European Commission is looking into the potential of the "Cloud of public services" concept for the development and delivery of flexible public services. This is done by combining public service building blocks and allowing sharing between public and private providers of services.

Ultimately citizens will benefit from more personalised public services, provided also by third parties using public information or services. In turn, public administrations can save money and increase flexibility in service design and provision.

Do you want to be involved?

If you want to help develop this approach, check out two calls for propsals under the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation Horizon2020.

Past & current projects

The past projects supported the Cloud of Publlic Services in two different waves.

The 2011 projects have now achieved some concrete results:

The 2013 projects aim to develop the concept further, and have mostly just started:

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