Test electronic Identification (eID) and trust services in a simulated environment using real life scenarios. Get to know the benefits of using eIDAS solutions in your business sector.

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eIDAS interactive tool

The eIDAS interactive tool provides an opportunity for business to test out electronic identification (eID) and trust services in a simulated environment. It aims to show the user the benefits of using the eIDAS solutions through real life business applications in different sectors.
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Should you experience any technical problems whilst using the tool, please contact us on the following email address: CNECT-H4@ec.europa.eu

Disclaimer: The scenarios used in this tool are fictitious; any similarities to real life people or business are purely coincidental. The simulations used to represent electronic identification (eID) and trust service solutions have been chosen to best explain the benefits and use of these solutions to the user in a simulated environment; any similarities to existing solutions on the market is purely coincidental. In some cases (such as eID), the simulations are based on future scenarios where the possibility of implementing the solution depends on specific aspects, such as the notification of national eID schemes to the European Commission and the country’s decision to open their national scheme to the private sector.

eIDAS for Business

Gain an overview of the eIDAS Regulation and how electronic identification (eID) and trust services can benefit small and medium sized businesses in Europe.

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DISCOVER how to implement eIDAS solutions in your business

Discover how your business can implement eIDAS solutions through sector-specific information for the transport, online retail, professional services and financial services sectors.

Use cases will show you how the eIDAS solutions can be incorporated into your day-to-day business activities.

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LEARN what eIDAS can do for your business

Learn more about the different aspects of the eIDAS regulation, the different services available and how they can benefit your business through our knowledge and learning material including a webinar programme and additional course material.

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