Telemedicine services, based on interaction between doctors and patients through electronic media, are a great opportunity for citizens and a driving force behind the EU economy.

Image of a digital hand clicking on a mobile phone.

If European countries are to meet the growing demands for healthcare services, a focus should be placed on finding ways of maximising new technology, such as telemedicine solutions. This can help improve healthcare itself while increasing access to care and saving resources.

To support this process, the EU is funding several telemedicine projects and pilots. As part of the Renewing Health project for example, nine European regions pooled their efforts to revolutionise the management of chronic diseases through telemedicine. About 7,000 patients were included in the project making it the largest Randomised Controlled Trial study in telemedicine in Europe in 2014. The project enabled patients’ involvement and empowerment while optimising the use of resources in healthcare provision.

United4Health continues to utilise the Renewing Health results and provide scaled up solutions. The programme involves approximately 12,000 patients.

More EU-funded telemedicine projects

  • ELECTOR: Telemedicine solution for arthritis patients;
  • THALEA: Telemedicine solution for intensive care units;
  • MOMENTUM: A roadmap and support on how to put telemedicine into daily practice;
  • Brochure on eHealth projects (pages 22-24).

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