Systems-of-Systems (SoS) describe the large scale integration of many independent self-contained IT systems to satisfy global needs from citizens, taking into account multi-system requests.

Picture of the globe with 3D representations of smart energy grids and transportation networks

While the world becomes increasingly interconnected, and the SoS upon which European wealth, security, and social welfare depend, become ever more complex and ad hoc, the need to manage SoS becomes an urgent priority for European society. Furthermore, SoS have a notable estimated served market dimension in various application areas like emergency response, air traffic control, water management, highway control etc.

Our research and innovation concentrate on man-made and ICT powered SoS that are found in everyday life, such as in smart energy grids, air traffic control and rail networks.

Research priorities will be supported under the Research Programme Horizon2020. They are based on key enablers for European competiveness and societal improvement generated by the SoS community:

  • Develop methods, architecture platforms and theory for SoS applied to a small number case studies and then identify the commonalities across the case studies.
  • Develop multi-scale, hierarchical modeling, simulation, validation capability to provide decision support tools for industry to assess the potential benefits of SoS.
  • Identify and build the constituency and stakeholders in SoS.
  • Develop an appropriate research and innovation roadmap including use cases that elaborate the added value of the SoS approach.

Activities along this direction have started earlier and supported by the Framework Programme 7 through several research and innovation projects and coordination actions.

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