The eGovernment action plan provides sources of information and guides to support the administrations local and regional administrations. They are the public sector's primary interface with citizens and businesses. 60% of the decisions taken by our towns and regions are influenced by European legislation. Almost 70% of public sector investments in Europe come from local and regional governments. 40% of EU funds are invested in local government.

The eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 recognises that essential legislation is now in place and that many technological solutions have been developed and tested to improve digital public services. Therefore, efforts need to continue to ensure implementation of these services, so that citizens and businesses can really reap the benefits.

Member States have very different governance structures and their regions and municipalities have a great variety of powers and mandates. However, local and regional administrations have an important role in the implementation of many of the public services and innovative solutions that the eGovernment Action Plan offers. At the same time, the implementation of EU legislation often impacts municipalities and regions. Thus, information about challenges, local and regional specificities can help policy makers take better informed decisions and ensure more effective implementation.

The eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 provides a significant set of building blocks, services and policies to build on.

To support local and regional administrations in their implementation efforts, the following sources of information may be useful:

Other databases of good practice cases: