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Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU.

Startup Europe contributes to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

ICT startups can access support services such as advice, networking and legal assistance, from EU funded projects on the Startup Europe Club One Stop Shop.

The Startup Europe Advisory Board reviews the activities carried out by the EC Startup Europe team.

Startup Europe's objectives are:

We are creating as well a Dynamic Mapping of the startups ecosystem. Have a look at some great success stories in Europe.

Have a look at the evidence gathered to design the Startup Europe Initiative:





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23 FEB 2017
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24 FEB 2017
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25 FEB 2017
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26 FEB 2017
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27 FEB 2017
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Ulrich Ahle's picture
Ulrich AHLE
FIWARE: Much more than a platform capable of breaking vendor lock-in challenges, geographical barriers and the lack of open standards in several scenarios.
Viorel Peca's picture
Viorel PECA
When you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur there’s nothing that can stop you. Not even summer holidays. Because for you this time away from studies or the daily routine is an opportunity to improve your knowledge and your CV, meet people, get inspired, and get ready for the hard work which lies ahead in your startup.
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Net Futures 2016 (20 & 21 April in Brussels) will explore the role of Future Internet in creating an innovative Digital Single Market with a particular focus on the impact of the next generation Internet technologies on Digital Economy
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Roberto VIOLA
European Maker Week takes place from 30 May to 5 June, drawing in more people to the fascinating new Maker world
Paul Hofheinz's picture
’Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ And few people provide more proof of this than the amazing authors of the now 10 national ‘startup manifestos' circulating in Europe.
Jesus Villasante's picture
Mexican cities, SMEs and start-ups will soon be able to build new digital apps and services using open source and cloud-based building blocks developed in the EU. The EU-funded FIWARE programme has already helped many European entrepreneurs to use its components to develop innovative internet apps and services.
Viorel Peca's picture
Viorel PECA
Yesterday I was greatly reassured to see that Bucharest, Romania, has shown great support for the European ICT innovation and entrepreneurship sector. The StartUp Europe Roadshow rolled through the city gates and gathered highly motivated young entrepreneurs with bright ideas and eagerness to grow.
Eija Laineenoja's picture
The StartUp Europe Roadshow is still rolling. Catch up with past and upcoming events now.
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