The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) is building bridges between Europe's startup, corporate, education institutions and investment communities to help EU startups raise funds and beat language barriers to reach maturity as global champions.

Under the umbrella of the Startup Europe initiative, Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) is the first open platform dedicated to support the growth and sustainability of European startups able to compete and raise funds internationally.
It is one of the six actions for web entrepreneurs defined in the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, and conceived to bring alive recommendations included in the Startup Manifesto.

Established by the European Commission in January 2014, SEP aims at accelerating early-stage companies to become global players and real job creators. By participating in the SEP program, global companies can help this process via business partnerships, and/or strategic and venture corporate investments, providing them with:

  • access to the best technologies and talents, through procurement of services or products,
  • corporate acquisition, or
  • “acqui-hiring”.

SEP is led by Mind the Bridge Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Italy and in the United States, with the support of Nesta (the UK’s innovation foundation), and The Factory campus for startups and mature tech companies in Berlin.

Partners include Telefónica, Orange, BBVA Foundation, Telecom Italia, Unipol Group and Microsoft (SEP Corporate Member), with the institutional support of the European Investment Fund/European Investment Bank Group, Cambridge University, IE Business School and Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.