Startup Europe coordinates EU work to connect clusters and ecosystems across Europe and aims at bringing stronger coherence between the different EU initiatives. It links up national and regional Ministries, innovation agencies and other stakeholders.

Startup Europe H2020 projects

In the last 2 years, 14 projects were funded to build bridges between the startup players within European ecosystems. These projects worked directly with more than 700 startups, bringing them together with investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and the media. The consolidated networks and ecosystems provide the right ground for structured and effective growth of European startups and entrepreneurs.

Activities to connect ecosystems

To maintain ecosystems connected in a widely distinct universe of European regions it was necessary to create events where local action and local policy making could be showcased. The local ecosystems are key to step up networks and enhance proximity between stakeholders. In addition, to foster open innovation and collaboration, a prize methodology is endorsed at five different levels (local, county, regional, national and European). Some examples of activities are listed below:

To learn about what is happening in your ecosystem, visit the following websites:

  • EDCI - European Digital City Index.
  • Startup Hubs - Dynamic Mapping of Tech startups: 20 startup ecosystems analysed dynamically using APIs, maps, and official company data.
  • Startup Europe Map - Map of ecosystem builders: accelerators, investors, corporates programs, public programs, coworking spaces.

Other European Commission activities connecting people

The European Commission develops yet other activities and programs to connect Europeans and promote innovation in different fields connected to innovation and startups. Some examples are listed below: