The Startup Europe Advisory Board helps to identify the underlying problems that the Startup Europe initiative needs to tackle in order to create a real startup ecosystem in Europe.

Members of the advisory board Startup Europe

The Startup Europe Advisory Board reviews activities currently undertaken by the Startup Europe team and its projects. It assesses their effectiveness and makes suggestions to maximise the outcome.

The group has expertise in a complex and fast-moving environment to monitor areas such as:

  • startups and entrepreneurship;
  • the relevant European communities and ecosystems;
  • networking, communications;
  • design;
  • legal matters;
  • management;
  • business processes.

The board reports to the European Commission which limits board membership to visible and senior actors of the European entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The members

The current members of the board are:

  • Bindi KARIA
  • Nicolas BRIEN
  • Miguel ARIAS
  • Marius GHENEA
  • Jeff BURTON

Visit the dedicated Startup Europe site for more information on the board members.