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25 February 2016

European Summit on the Future Internet

visionaries, industrial experts and scientific specialists from around Europe, to present visions, discuss ...

25 February 2016

Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiatives- Workshop and Online Consultation

visionary, science and goal-driven large-scale European ICT research initiatives involving various scientific ...

24 February 2016

eChallenges e-2006 Call for Papers- Deadline 28 February '06

visionary papers and business case studies. Proposals to arrange workshop sessions are also welcome. Related ...

28 August 2017

Future & Emerging Technologies (FET)

Open supports a bottom-up approach for exploring novel and visionary ideas. FET Proactive fosters ... transformative research through a set of focused thematic initiatives. FET Flagships are visionary, large-scale, ...

27 November 2014

'Managing eHealth- From Vision to Reality'

issues and concepts, the book also serves as a tribute to Jean Claude Healy, a major visionary and ...

31 August 2017

Meta Forum 2012

applications to better enable communities in the information age. A research overview will present visionary ...

25 February 2016

Science and Policy Forum on Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships

visionary, science- and goal-driven large-scale European ICT research initiatives cascading into various ...

25 February 2016

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive Information Event

FET-Proactive initiatives aim at focusing resources on visionary and challenging long-term goals that are timely ...

25 February 2016

Future Network and Mobile Summit 2011

Technical, Visionary or Techno-Economic Scenarios in focus. A Proposers' Networking Day will take place ...

25 February 2016

Internet of Things 2008

research results, and knowledge. The event will feature keynotes from industrial and academic visionaries ...