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9 May 2017

EU Trusted Lists

EU Trusted Lists Member States have the obligation to establish, maintain and publish trusted ... lists of qualified trust service providers and the qualified trust services provided by them. The lists ... Regulation), national Trusted Lists have a constitutive effect. In other words, a trust service provider and ...

24 February 2016

Legal notice on trusted list

Policy and legislation Legal notice on trusted list Note on the central list policy and the ... related legal notice for trusted list for Certification Service Providers. Share this page 14/03/2012 ...

11 July 2017

CEF eSignature: Trusted List Browser Now Available

CEF eSignature: Trusted List Browser Now Available News Article The Trusted List Browser is a web ... Trusted Lists, and look for available trust services in Europe. The European Commission is happy to ... announce the launch of the CEF eSignature Trusted List Browser. The Trusted List Browser is a web ...

25 February 2016

Solutions for e-signature interoperability

procedures. A "Trusted List" edit tool that is likely to be used by all Member States to foster ...

30 June 2016

Building online trust and confidence: Electronic signatures, seals and trust services now valid throughout EU

each Member State has to establish, maintain and publish a list of qualified trust service providers ... and the qualified trust services provided by them. These lists have a constitutive effect as of 1st ... July. This means that a provider/service will be qualified only if it appears in the Trusted Lists ...

24 February 2016

Barcelona- Day 1- Final exploratory seminar on e-signatures for e-business in MENA

lists" 4. Need to identify eGov services that would benefit most from e-trust services 5. Need to promote ... "trusted lists" Panellists: M Oliver DELOS, Sealed Sprl /M Ramzi KHLIF, ANCE /                ... following topics were identified: 1. Need for a survey on the status e-trust services in MENA 2. Need for ...

19 September 2017

Trust Services and eID

lists: Trusted lists are essential for ensuring certainty and building trust among market operators as ... on eIDAS Regulation Trusted list Publication of the Regulation on electronic identification and trust ... Trust Services and eID Electronic identification (eID) and electronic Trust Services (eTS) are key ...

23 August 2017

Trust services

services EU Trusted List of Trust Service Providers Document on Information by Member States with regard to ... Trust services Electronic signatures deliver a way to sign documents in the online world, much ... the eSignature was certainly important but not sufficient. Other trust services are needed to ensure: ...

9 September 2015

The first big step in eIDAS implementation accomplished

Trusted Lists). Let me briefly highlight what this means in practice. For eID, at the end of this month ... e-signature. The newly published acts on the formats of trusted lists and of advanced e-signatures and e-seals ... and EU levels of trusted lists of trust service providers together with the possibility to ...

24 February 2016

CROBIES: Study on Cross-Border Interoperability of eSignatures 2010

substantially improve the interoperability of electronic signatures (ex. the trusted list) and contributed to ... suggested improvements at legal, technical and trust levels. CROBIES also focused on quick wins that could ...