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24 February 2016

iCARDEA: An Intelligent Platform for Personalized Remote Monitoring of the Cardiac Patients with Electronic Implant Devices

adaptable healthcare planners and hence will provide improved disease management at the point of need. With ...

25 February 2016

National Telecare & Telehealth Conference 2010

strategists, planners and commentators know and the public are coming to expect it. This is the time." ...

24 February 2016

Interoperability Challenges in the Health Management of Patients with Implantable Defibrillators

iCARDEA aims to provide health professionals with such an adaptive care planner offering decision support ...

24 February 2016

The European Commission will present research results at the IMPACTS Conference

a number of projects and will be succeeded by a demonstration of Peptran- an electronic journey planner ...

24 August 2012

Dr Robot, brain surgeon

trajectory planner, a high-level controller and a set of field sensors. The mechatronic phase of the project ... planner. In this way, the final path plan inside and outside the body stems from the interaction between ... planner is in use in clinical practice. It is a major advance in robotic engineering and, thanks to ...

20 June 2012

Intelligent cargo for more efficient, greener logistics

autonomous decisions, for example, alerting logistics planners automatically if it deviates from the ...

24 August 2012

Meet the pioneers of future and emerging technology

tough economic times. But policy planners should resist the temptation to cut funding for such ...