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25 February 2016

Workshop: Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation

Location-based data and services for geographical and navigational information (such as electronic maps and gps ... Events Workshop: Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation Helsinki, Finland ...

31 August 2017

Urban Robots- Futuris report on Euronews

is designed to guide your way through the sites of major cities. It is helped by a navigating system ... made out of WIFI and Sensors and map-making robots that pave its way. Both types of robots have one ... main challenge: They have to navigate through cars and people. Leading scientists are working on ...

12 June 2015

Users enriching eAccessibility

site owners, the creation of navigation maps enriched with accessibility information, the creation of ...

25 February 2016

Robots Help Each Other in RoboEarth

a machine-readable format. Data stored in the RoboEarth knowledge base include software components, maps for ... navigation (e.g., object locations, world models), task knowledge (e.g., action recipes, manipulation ...

27 November 2015

Great start on the European Robotics Week with the RoCKIn Competition 2015

navigate on its own without bumping into object or people and it has to be able recognise a light switch. ... search for events near you on the interactive map. More reading: RoCKIn Project webpage All RoCKIn@Home ...

12 October 2017

Innovation in Public Administration- Navigating in Times of Change

Innovation in Public Administration- Navigating in Times of Change Events Ulica Mediteranska, ... followed here and the second day here. Further information on the event Organiser ReSPA Location / Map ...

25 February 2016

PAN-Robots: Automating logistics for the factory of the future

using on-board cameras, laser scanners and 3D mapping of facilities,’ explained Dr Kay Fürstenberg, of ... focuses on four main work areas: exploration systems for 3D-mapping of the plant; advanced perception ... warehouse. The vehicle can reverse with full vision and stops before, and navigates around, obstacles in its ...

25 January 2016

New Europeana Collections site brings people closer to culture

to navigate. Improved search and filters, including colour searches (try this one for ‘ Dark slate ... blue ’) and quality searches (find our very best maps of Paris), mean finding what you’re looking for ...

25 October 2012

Assisting drivers, saving lives

sensors, digital maps and GPS satellite navigation, showed that, by 'coaching' the driver to take ...

25 February 2016

COMPOSE: The market place of the Internet of Things

developers navigate their way smoothly through the booming, but often chaotic, Internet of Things (IoT). ... Italy. Shoppers’ carts and baskets are tracked to create a heat map of where customers spend their time ...