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24 February 2016

The “Mobile” in “Mobile Health” Isn’t the Gadget; It’s the Data

News Article The “Mobile” in “Mobile Health” Isn’t the Gadget; It’s the Data "In general, ... when people talk about mHealth, they think about the device. But the true definition of mobile health ... doesn’t focus exclusively on the device, but on the fact that the information and data is mobile. It ...

24 February 2016

Amman Day 2 Exploratory seminar on e-signatures for e-business in MENA

practices: 2- I nfrastructure: Mobile signing infrastructure Ms Marta IENCO, Regulatory and Policy Director, ... e-signature: UNCITRAL texts on e-commerce and UN/CEFACT Recommendation 14 M Jae-Sung LEE, Legal Officer, ...

24 February 2016

Embedded intelligence – harnessing the potential of unseen technologies through the ARTEMIS Technology Platform

computers that do not look like computers which are “hidden” in everyday electronic devices from mobile ... infrastructure to computers and electronic commerce. The “Building ARTEMIS” report by the High Level Group ...

24 July 2017

Country information- Portugal

challenges, delivering better public services to citizens, promoting smart mobility, employment, e-commerce ...

24 August 2012

Features Digest: Going from e- to we-government

dealing with administrative burdens in cross-border commerce. Where SPOCS perhaps stops, the ... 'eJustice communication via online data exchange' (e-CODEX) takes the baton. Mobility- of people and ...

22 June 2017

Country information- United Kingdom

communications regulator in the UK for the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed-line telecoms, mobiles ... Greater London Authority), Manchester (via Manchester Chamber of Commerce) and Cyprus (Via the Cypriot ...