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  1. Internet usage in the EU25: half of individuals and nine out of ten enterprises used the internet in 2004

    Communities. This report presents the results of surveys of internet usage by individuals and enterprises for ... Press releases In the EU25, 47% of individuals aged from 16 to 74 used the internet during the ... first quarter of 2004. More men used the internet than women, and more young people than old. At the ...

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  2. Internet usage by individuals and enterprises 2004, Statistics in Focus,.pdf, 590 kB

    Reports and studies This report presents the results of surveys of internet usage by individuals ... internet use, it covers broadband connections, e-commerce and e-government. 02/05/2005- 02:00 Do Not ...

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  3. 3rd Future Internet Usage Areas Workshop

    using, and planning to use, the services and facilities of Future Internet (FI) to build an extended FI ... community and to foster a holistic cross sector approach to accelerating the Future Internet in Europe. It ... will enable a detailed discussion on the Usage Areas requirements and in particular how they can be ...

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  4. Internet usage in 2007- Households and individuals

    survey on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) usage in households and by individuals in the ...

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  5. Internet usage by individuals and enterprises

    years of pilot surveys in households and enterprises on ICT usage. 27/04/2004- 02:00 See Also: Measuring ...

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  6. Survey: Internet usage in the EU25

    News Article Nearly half of individuals in the EU25 used the internet at least once a week in ... 2006- A third of households and three-quarters of enterprises had broadband internet access 10/11/2006- ...

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  7. Internet usage by individuals in 2014

    Reports and studies Almost two-thirds (65%) of the EU population use the internet daily in 2014, ... in focus  " Internet and cloud services- statistics on the use by individuals " Do Not ...

    Newsroom Editor - 19/12/2014 - 17:52

  8. Internet usage in 2010 – Households and Individuals

    Reports and studies This survey reveals that 80% of young internet users in the 27 EU Members ...

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  9. Basic skills and usage | DESI indicator 2a2

    Index (DESI). It is part of the Basic Skills and Usage (2a) sub-dimension under Human Capital (2) and ... DEFINITION Breakdown Unit All Individuals (aged 16-74) % individuals who used Internet in the last 3 months ... Eurostat community survey on ICT usage by Households/Individuals. It is proposed for regular implementation ...

    Jan Arkady Mali... - 29/06/2016 - 15:51

  10. Tourism and the Internet in the European Union, Statistics in Focus,.pdf (228 kB)

    Reports and studies This publication takes a look at the specific usage the accommodation sector ... makes of information technologies in general and of the internet in particular, using the results of the ... 2005 Community surveys on ICT usage. While the accommodation sector is largely ahead of other sectors ...

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