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  1. Innovative healthcare in the 21st century

    Innovative healthcare in the 21st century Across Europe, public health systems are facing ... – 2020 provides a roadmap to empower patients and healthcare workers, link up devices and technologies, ... able to enjoy seamless access to high quality and safe healthcare abroad. Renewing Health has allowed ...

    marofag - 09/05/2017 - 18:21

  2. An overview of eHealth studies

    management in healthcare? Based on both a review of tools in use and research on their use, the experts of ... technologies (ICT) can greatly benefit all aspects of delivering healthcare. 2. eHealth and telemedicine ... face their common challenges. 5. Promising applications in healthcare Policy options for Radio ...

    nijenca - 09/05/2017 - 18:44

  3. Digital Solutions for Better Health

    healthcare (or 'eHealth') can help us preserve our good health in many ways: it empowers; it ... more chronic diseases eHealth can complement or eventually replace traditional healthcare solutions. ... accessible. Big data and healthcare Analysing health-related big data (information from clinical trials, ...

    violaro - 27/05/2016 - 09:26

  4. EPP-eHealth final results take eHealth procurement forward

    organisations in healthcare. They also published Joint Statements of Unmet Needs, a Public Procurement of ... the eHealth unmet needs identified by the four healthcare institutions involved in the EPP-eHealth ... specific needs identified by each institution. The six priorities that have been highlighted by healthcare ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 17/01/2017 - 13:14

  5. What can big data do for you?

    are some examples of research projects that can help you in your daily life. Healthcare: enhancing ... healthcare information processing which in turn creates value for businesses, public sector and citizens. The ... providing access to health data for patients, healthcare professionals and clinical researchers in a uniform ...

    esteana - 09/05/2017 - 18:41

  6. Discussion big data and healthcare: 'A new knowledge era in the world of healthcare'

    cheaper diagnosis and treatment, as the application of big data to healthcare offers a way to accelerate ... research, improve treatment and reduce the burden on society overall. As healthcare costs globally grow ever ... larger, it may not be a question of how we implement big data in healthcare, but how quickly." The ...

    Newsroom - 24/02/2016 - 16:46

  7. 4th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare- "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies"

    Event reports MobiHealth 2014 focused on the developments in healthcare based on the latest ... Healthcare (MobiHealth) was held from 3 to 5 November in Athens, Greece. This year it focused on the progress ... achieved in the healthcare sector as a result of innovations in the mobile, wireless and sensor ...

    Newsroom - 19/01/2015 - 18:16

  8. Sustainable healthcare is practicable if Europe works together

    European healthcare. Making healthcare sustainable is now a priority for Europe. We need to enact positive ... healthcare transformations that can adapt and endure over time. Change is only possible when we work ... on Sustainable Healthcare, Former Minister of Health of Ireland and Former Deputy Prime Minister of ...

    nharneym - 06/03/2015 - 13:41

  9. Telecommunication industry and silver economy: the experience of Orange Healthcare in France

    to address elderly healthcare across Europe, and to initiate a policy roadmap that will enable new ... Executive Vice President of Orange, and Head of Orange Healthcare In France, the number of individuals over ... several years, I have led my teams at Orange Healthcare to work on the development of solutions to support ...

    nzylbeth - 16/03/2015 - 15:10

  10. The future of healthcare is digital

    The European Commission should continue supporting a wider use of digital tools in healthcare ... focusing on key challenges for healthcare, such as ensuring patients have access to their electronic health ... solutions and healthcare systems, and supporting greater accessibility of healthcare via ICT tools in the ...

    deswace - 30/07/2015 - 17:23