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  1. eInclusion workshop to raise awareness about eInclusion activities and the eInclusion Awards 2008

    of this workshop is awareness raising about e-Inclusion activities and e-Inclusion Awards as well. ... The workshop is addressed to all organizations, which are active in e-Inclusion area (digital ... Level. During the workshop you will be informed about ministerial e-Inclusion conference in Vienna and ...

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  2. Groups supporting the e-Inclusion agenda

    News Article The Commission uses a number of groups to help drive and inform its e-Inclusion ... agenda. 13/09/2011- 02:00 The i2010 e-Inclusion Subgroup Member States’ representatives sit on this ... Declaration on e-Inclusion. The subgroup has done a lot of work on preparing the 2008 European Initiative on ...

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  3. Reminder: Could you be a European e-Inclusion Champion? Enter the European e-Inclusion Awards competition before 12 September 2008

    excluded communities? If so, you should enter the European e-Inclusion Awards 2008! From 29/07/2008- 02:00 ... to 11/09/2008- 02:00 Your initiative could be recognised as one of the 35 best e-inclusion projects ... at the e-Inclusion Awards ceremony in Vienna on 1 December 2008. The European e-Inclusion Awards aim ...

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  4. Report of the meeting of the e-inclusion Subgroup on future e-inclusion policy orientations

    Policy and legislation The e-inclusion Subgroup of the i2010 High Level Group held its 11th ... meeting was to discuss and form a consensus on future e-inclusion policy orientations. The ‘Limassol ... e-inclusion Subgroup recommends that the European Commission and European Member States, together with other ...

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  5. Commission announces e-Inclusion award winners at conclusion of 2008 e-Inclusion: Be Part of It! campaign

    News Article The winners of the 2008 European e-Inclusion Awards were announced last night at the ... e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference in Vienna, the concluding event of the Commission's 'Be Part of ... accessibility of websites by persons with disabilities. 02/12/2008- 01:00 The European e-Inclusion Awards were ...

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  6. Comparative Study of Public e-Service Centres in Europe in terms of user benefits of eInclusion

    eInclusion through services and activities conducted by centres involved in public eServices across Europe. ... 14/07/2008- 02:00 Do Not Publish as Rapid Press Release Comparative Study of ... Public e-Service Centres in Europe in terms of user benefits of eInclusion. ...

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  7. i2010 eInclusion Subgroup National Reports

    Reports and studies Collection of national strategies for eInclusion in the European Union, aimed ... at assessing the status and exchanging practices of eInclusion policy approaches across the ... 02/11/2007- 01:00 This collection of National Strategies for e-Inclusion in the European Union is aimed at ...

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  8. "eInclusion in Europe"

    Speech 15/04/2003- 02:00 Ministerial Symposium on e-Inclusion, Crete Erkki Liikanen Do Not Publish ...

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  9. Put your organisation on the map… the European map of eInclusion- deadline extented to 28th February

    (Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Intermediary Actors) project which aims at better understanding the role ... of e-Inclusion intermediary actors and to create adequate instruments to facilitate the demonstration ... of their outcomes and their contribution to the achievement of European e-Inclusion policy goals. ...

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  10. Open Policy Stakeholders Meeting on European eInclusion Policy

    Yahoo Venue:  Brussels- Borchette conference centre Unit e-Inclusion (DG INFSO) Contact:  ... Linked Object:  More information eInclusion, or ICT for inclusion, is about increasing the ... information and communication technologies. eInclusion is a priority in the i2010 Information Society ...

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