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  1. Glossary

    usual voice and other services of 3G, provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, for example to ... the Next generation of communication networks and services that will provide ubiquitous super-fast ... connectivity and seamless service delivery in all circumstances. 5G will enable among others: Providing 1000 ...

    Ana Isabel Este... - 22/11/2016 - 14:49

  2. EU Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers

    certification service providers, in a “human readable” form, and also a "machine processable" form ...

    Newsroom Editor - 16/06/2016 - 11:47

  3. ICT innovation vouchers in action

    ICT service providers: Accredited list of ICT service providers Open to ICT service providers outside ... SEEINNOVA GENIUS- 3 vouchers of € 1 500 each ICT service providers: Transnational list available on each ... project's website. Open to ICT service providers outside the region / member state: YES. The scheme is ...

    Felicia Liliana... - 26/02/2015 - 10:40 - 1 comment

  4. Broadband Glossary

    access to the local loop and to facilities and services necessary to provide services over the local ... software interfaces between applications, made available by broadcasters or service providers, and the ... virtual network access, included in Market 5: Wholesale Broadband Access. A service provided by an ...

    Magdalena Jähler - 10/06/2015 - 15:45

  5. Cloud Security Workshop: Building Trust in Cloud Services – Certification and Beyond

    security?  Is certification the right option or do certified cloud services attract cyber-attacks?  Does ... all cloud service providers, including SMEs?  What could be the most effective method to enable ... available and recognised across borders by cloud service providers to ensure a secure way of processing ...

    (not verified) - 05/08/2016 - 16:46

  6. Workshop on Security Aspects of Trust Service Providers

    service providers issuing electronic certificates, as well as the security aspects of the new trust ... whole lifecycle of trust service provision, from the issuance of a certificate to its revocation, as ... regarding the security requirements applicable to trust service providers. Art 15.1. points that trust ...

    Newsroom Editor - 25/02/2016 - 11:01

  7. Certification infrastrUcture for MUlti-Layer cloUd Services

    will bring service users, service providers and cloud suppliers to work together with certification ... guarantee security properties of the different types of services available through clouds. Service providers ... software services without incurring the considerable costs of owning, operating and maintaining the ...

    (not verified) - 11/11/2016 - 10:03

  8. ENISA Workshop on Security Aspects of Trust Service Providers- 24 september 2013

    assessment, security requirements and incident management for trust service providers issuing electronic ... certificates, as well as the security aspects of the new trust services foreseen in the Regulation on electronic ... different stakeholders of the trust service sector: providers (for any type of trust services), regulators, ...

    Newsroom Editor - 25/02/2016 - 11:02

  9. Contributions received from organisations, companies or institutions registered in the EU transparency | Public consultation on the review of the Satellite and Cable Directive

    representative of) Vodafone Group plc KPN B.V. ISPs (internet service providers) (or representative of) Fastweb ... (digital terrestrial television) providers/DTT bouquet providers (or representative of) A1 Telekom Austria ... Direitos IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association   Annex Public service broadcaster (or ...

    (not verified) - 13/01/2016 - 13:25

  10. Cloud Computing Certification Schemes List- CCSL

    standards?", "who issues the certifications", "is the cloud service provider audited?", ... 27/02/2014- 18:07 What is a cloud certification scheme? Before buying a cloud service, customers want to know ... simplify the procurement of cloud services by customers. Note that certification schemes do not replace the ...

    Newsroom Editor - 27/02/2014 - 18:38