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  1. The Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework for RFID Applications: A defining moment in the modern epic of co-regulation in ICT

    heritage to meet both. The success of the RFID PIA Framework reflects the commitment of all stakeholders to ... Computing, Internet of Things or Online Advertising.   co-regulation data protection Digital Agenda for ... Identification (RFID) There were good reasons to believe that the Signing Ceremony of 6 th April 2011 in Brussels ...

    editor - 28/10/2014 - 16:52

  2. Looking foward to a promising Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Conference

    supporting the PIAF process since 2009. Internet of things PIA RFID Internet of Things RFID RFID PIA ... that will review progress of the implementation of the PIA Framework (PIAF) for RFID Applications, ... Identification (RFID) Some 80 people will attend on 8th February the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Conference ...

    editor - 28/10/2014 - 16:53