Safer Internet Centres raise awareness regarding online risks amongst children, parents, teachers and carers.

Safer Internet Centres are made up of awareness centres and helplines (organized in a pan-European network called INSAFE) and hotlines (organized in a unique pan-European network called INHOPE), in all the Member States, Iceland, Norway and Russia.

Awareness centres’ main activities:

  • raising awareness related to potential risks young people may encounter online
  • offer advice about staying safe online to young people and deal with issues such as cyber bullying, via the helplines.
  • develop information material
  • organize events such as the Safer Internet Day, their biggest yearly international event
  • organize information sessions for parents, children and teachers.
  • In addition, they set up youth panels to be consulted for the development of awareness raising activities, material and campaigns.


25 October 2012
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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