The EU financially supports many research and innovation projects in the field of ICT for health and wellbeing ('eHealth').

graphic showing a human body and detail of the heart and a menu showing organs

The EU funds research and innovation in the field of eHealth and ICTICT for ageing well, which has the interest of the citizens at their core. These projects were funded under the EU's Seventh Research Framework Program (FP7), the Competitiveness & Innovation Framework Program (CIP), and, from 2014 onwards, under Horizon 2020.

The European Commission manages around 100 eHealth and ICT for ageing projects, among which:

  • Innovation projects focussing on Personal Health Systems, mobile health (mHealth), telehealth etc. They also include projects working to improve interoperability;
  • Research projects covering areas such as diabetes, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, stroke and many others.

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