• 26/06/2017
    This study looks at the Creative Europe Media Training Actions. It looks at the analysis done of sector skills needs, the activities and effect of the Media Training Actions and their relevance and European added value. It concludes that the approach of the Training Actions offered to European film professionals is unique, highly valued and effective. The study gives strategic and operational recommendations for the future of the Training Actions.
  • 27/06/2016
    The European Audiovisual Observatory has released a study on film heritage works and their presence online. The study was commissioned by the European Union.
  • 15/04/2016
    A new study carried out for the European Commission by the European Audiovisual Observatory finds that while animation films represent 14.7% of overall admissions to European works, European animation only holds 20% of the animation market in Europe. The 44 US films on release indeed accounted for most of the box office for animation that year, whereas Europe leads in terms of the number of productions (107 out of 188 animation films released).
  • 19/02/2016
    A new study carried out for the European Commission has concluded that European film festivals (EUFFs) provide a unique opportunity for European films to reach audiences in third countries. They are important tools to promote the image of a creative Europe abroad as well as to foster mutual understanding between cultures. Professionalization is pivotal for EUFFs to fulfil their cultural, trade and diplomatic potential.
  • 17/06/2015
    This booklet is part of a major research project entitled “Mapping the Animation Industry in Europe” commissioned to the European Audiovisual Observatory by the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme of the European Commission. The project aims to track the production volume, distribution and circulation of European animation films and TV works, and also to provide a general overview of the structure of the animation industry.