Access to radio spectrum is essential for a vast range of activities: from telephony and broadcasting, through to transport and space applications. But it is also crucial to ensure that EU citizens in both urban and rural areas can benefit from digital technology and fast broadband connections.

The Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP) defines the roadmap on how Europe can translate political priorities into strategic policy objectives for radio spectrum use.

Adoption of the first Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

On 14 March 2012, the European Parliament and Council approved the first Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP). This Decision creates a comprehensive roadmap contributing to the internal market for wireless technologies and services, particularly in line with the Europe 2020 initiative and the Digital Agenda for Europe. The Decision sets general principles and calls for concrete actions to meet the objectives of EU policies.

The RSPP covers all types of radio spectrum use that affect the internal market, and sets general regulatory principles, policy objectives and priorities. The programme aims to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of spectrum use, as well as preserving and promoting competition. By supporting specific spectrum needs (such as for wireless broadband communications, transport, environment protection, Earth surface monitoring or research and space exploration), the RSPP objectives are rooted in the overall goals of the EU's Radio Spectrum Policy.

You can also read more on concrete actions, preparations for the programme proposal and other background information.