• SOCIETIES: The science of relevant networking
      Projects story24 October 2014

      The EU SOCIETIES ICT research project has spawned a host of tools and applications allowing people to form smart communities in which they can discover, connect and organize “relevantly” with one another.

    • A smartphone app to travel smarter
      Projects story21 March 2014

      Fancy a quick game of Flappy Bird while you’re stuck in a traffic jam? There could be a smarter way to use your smartphone. A mobile app, created by a team of European researchers, could cut rush hour traffic in your city by 5%.

    • Portugal ICT: Extending the Age of Discovery
      a picture illustrating the story
      Projects story30 May 2013

      A liberal interpretation of the term 'information and communication technologies' (ICT) could easily connect some of the earliest examples to Portugal. How?

    • The network of the future, beyond theory
      a picture illustrating the story
      Projects story14 March 2013

      Nearly a decade ago, as the internet began to morph from a web of information into a web of connected people and things, European researchers saw not only theoretical possibilities but a chance to reinvent the network of the future. The results of this 'big thinking' can now be seen, as European designs and ideas are shaping networking environments, making them more efficient, robust and dare it be said … 'future proof'.

    • A boost to your mobile signal
      a picture illustrating the story
      Projects story24 January 2013

      When using your mobile phone, it doesn't take much to lose that precious signal — just turning a corner or riding on a train can be enough. EU-funded research is developing new technologies to eradicate those annoying 'black holes' in wireless coverage, while freeing up some mobile network capacity at the same time.

    • High tech for health
      A picture illustrating the story
      Projects story6 June 2012

      Healthcare systems face enormous challenges over the coming years. The increasing demands of an aging population, the rising cost of treatments and medications, and budget shortfalls are all issues that will need to be addressed if Europeans are to continue to enjoy high standards of care. eHealth, enabled by information and communication technologies, offers Europe solutions that can help avoid healthcare crisis.

    • ICT fostering inter-family relationships, naturally
      a family looking at a laptop with communication devices
      Projects story11 April 2012

      From mobile phones to social networking, technology helps bring geographically dispersed people together. But most applications are designed for individuals, not groups or families. EU-funded research is addressing the issue with innovative tools designed to help families communicate and interact as naturally as possible even if they are hundreds or thousands of kilometres apart. The solution combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with ambient intelligence, multimedia tools and audio and video capturing, encoding, processing and transmission to enable near-natural interaction and communication between dispersed groups of people.