• Apply for free of charge assistance to implement your innovation procurement
      Projects story26 February 2016

      The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) initiative provides free of charge assistance to European public procurers for implementing pre-commercial procurements and public procurements of innovative solutions to bring innovative ICT based solutions to the market. Apply now to receive this hands-on local assistance which includes also legal support. The new call is open until 15 November 2017! Check out also the innovation procurements that are already receiving assistance.

    • Broadband - 'big pipes' of potential growth
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      Projects story13 June 2012

      The internet has become much more than a communication system. Today, it is the backbone of modern society, a platform for businesses, governments and citizens to exchange news and views, as well as to provide services, whether essential or trivial. EU policies aim to extend access to high-speed broadband internet and increase investment in fibre-optic infrastructure, while its support for research efforts ensure that the EU will have the technology available to meet the strain of constantly rising demands.

    • Good practice: Optic fiber to all houses on Gotland, Sweden
      Illustration of the Optic fiber to all houses on Gotland, Sweden
      Projects story8 December 2017

      “Optic fibre to all houses on Gotland” is one of the five winners of the European Broadband Awards 2017 competition. The project brought fibre to the whole Gotland island in the Baltic Sea. The results show that at least 85% of residents and 50% of people owning a summer house have joined the project. The public administrations have spent EUR 4.3 million, of which EUR 2 million from the EU funds. The people of Gotland payed some EUR 12 million. To keep the costs low, people offered their land for cable rollout and even did the digging themselves. 57 thousand people now have fibre in Gotland.

    • P2P comes to the rescue of Internet video
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      Projects story13 June 2012

      Peer-to-peer applications sometimes have a bad name because of Internet piracy. But the same technology that has long helped Internet users illegally share copyrighted music, games and videos now promises to help content providers stream video to millions of viewers simultaneously using a fraction of the bandwidth of traditional methods. The transition is being helped by EU-funded research.

    • Portugal ICT: Extending the Age of Discovery
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      Projects story30 May 2013

      A liberal interpretation of the term 'information and communication technologies' (ICT) could easily connect some of the earliest examples to Portugal. How?