These projects are funded as part of the Quantum Technologies Flagship, a major initiative by the European Commission to support quantum technologies research in Europe.

  • Quantum Communications

    Helping to protect data transmitted digitally, such as health records and financial transactions. A typical implementation of quantum communication networks uses single photons. If anything intercepts a single photon it will be noticed, meaning that with quantum technology we can achieve the most secure form of communication known, impossible to intercept without detection. 

  • CiViQ

    The vision of CiViQ is to develop quantum-enhanced physcial layer security services that can be combined with modern cryptographic techniques, to enable unparalleled applications and services.

  • Quantum Internet Alliance

    The QIA project aims at building a Quantum Internet that enables quantum communication applications between any two points on Earth.


    The QRANG​E project wants to push the quantum range number generagion (QRNG) technology further, allowing for a wide range of commercial applications of QRNG.


    The project UNIQORN aims at revolutionising the Quantum Ecosystem from Fabrication to Application.

  • Quantum Simulations

    Using simple model quantum systems to understand more complex systems, which will be key to the design of new chemicals like drugs and fertilisers, and of new materials, such as high-temperature superconductors for energy distribution without losses. 

  • Qombs

    Qumbs project is a quantum simulator platform made of ultracold atoms for engineering quantum cascade laser frequency combs.

  • PASQuanS

    The PASQuanS project will develop next generation Quantum Simulation platforms that will be pushed far beyond both the state-of-the-art and the reach of classical computation.

  • Quantum Sensing and Metrology

    Providing highly accurate measurements. These technologies will drastically increase the performance of consumer devices and services, from medical diagnostics and imaging to high-precision navigation and the Internet of Things. 

  • iqClock

    The iqClock project aims to boost the development of optical clocks using quantum technology to be ultra precise and affordable. These clocks will improve technological developments and scientific applications that are beneficial to the society.

  • MetaboliQs

    The MetaboliQs project is working to leverage room-temperature diamond quantum dynamics to enable safe multimodal cardiac imaging which can help better diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases.

  • macQsimal

    The macQsimal project aims to develop quantum-enabled sensors which measure physical observables which will benefit many areas like autonomous driving, medical imaging and more.


    The ASTERIQS project is developing precise sensors made from diamonds to measure quantities such as magnetic field, electric field, temperature or pressure.

  • Quantum Computing

    Using enormous computing power to solve otherwise insoluble problems, processing vast amounts of data faster than ever before to recognise patterns and train artificial intelligence systems, e.g. for digital assistants to help doctors to diagnose diseases and suggest treatments, or optimising the routes of all cars in a city simultaneously to reduce traffic jams and emissions.

  • OpenSuperQ

    The OpenSuperQ project aims to enable European citizens to be able to use the final machine and learn about quantum computer programming in a guided way.


    The AQTION project will realise a scalable European quantum computer that is based on the manipulation of single-charged atoms.

  • Basic Science

    Complementing the projects in the other areas, addressing related foundational scientific problems, investigating alternative yet unproven approaches and furthering basic understanding of quantum technologies.

  • 2D·SIPC

    The 2D-SPIC project explores new quantum device concepts based on 2D materials which have enhanced quantum properties and can bring new functionalities.

  • S2QUIP

    The S2QUIP project is developing quantum integrated photonic circuits, which will provide the end user on-demand with carriers of quantum information to share with other users via quantum communication channels.

  • QMiCS

    The QMiCS project aims to set up quantum architechture to implement quantum communication protocols.


    The results of the SQUARE project will contribute to strengthen the European high-tech industry as it aims to establish a new platform for quantum computing, quantum networking and quantum communication.

  • PhoG

    The goal of PhoGs is to deliver a compact, versatile, deterministic source of quantum light based on integrated waveguide networks with engineered loss, and to develop its applications in metrology and other quantum technology tasks.

  • PhoQuS

    The PhoQuS project aims to understand the photonic quantum fluids and to develop a new platform for quantum simulation.

  • MicroQC

    MicroQC will build a scalable quantum computer which outperforms the best classical computers in certain computational tasks.

  • CSA

    An important and necessary preparatory step to make sure the full potential of the Quantum Flagship can be attained right from its start.


    QFLAG will build upon the work of the Quantum Support Action (QSA), supporting the governance of the Quantum Flagship and monitoring its progress while coordinating the stakeholders to set conditions to foster innovation, education and training, and increase awareness of QT in Europe.