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Digital Security is a multi-faceted issue involving critical economic and civilian stakes, cybercrime, online privacy and the protection of fundamental rights. Research in this area addresses security, trust and privacy coherently from all perspectives (technological, economic, legal, social), enabling us to promote innovation and economic growth in the EU, while protecting Europe's society, economy, assets and fundamental rights.

The numerous projects in FP7 and H2020 address not only fundamental research but also the economic and societal dimension of security and privacy in the digital ecosystem, for the purposes of ensuring the well-functioning of the internal market.

Research priorities address current ICT security challenges, like:

  • trustworthy network and service infrastructures,
  • user-centric identity and privacy management and technologies for secure software development,
  • trusted computing,
  • cryptology, and
  • advanced biometrics.

This work contributes to the efforts being done in the EU's Cybersecurity policies and other relevant areas.

The European Commission supports research and innovation in the field of Cybersecurity, trustworthy ICT and Online Privacy in a number of ways:

Until the end of 2013:

The objectives were addressed in two streams:

From 2014 onwards:

Horizon 2020 is the comprehensive framework for Research, Development and Innovation in the field of Cybersecurity and Online Privacy. It addresses the objectives in two streams:

EU funded projects