Startup Europe ramps up the connected Digital Single Market through a set of European Union initiatives to increase networking opportunities for startups, investors and accelerators. This thriving ecosystem multiplies jobs, growth and investment.

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission designed to connect startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and the media through an array of networks. Furthermore, it intends to connect local startup ecosystems around Europe and enhance their capacity to invest in other markets such as Silicon Valley or India.

Not less important, it celebrates the European entrepreneurs' success, making it visible and rewarding (e.g. Startup Europe Awards).

Startup Scaleup initiative

The Startup Scaleup initiative is based on a communication from the European Commission (Europe’s next leaders: the Startup and Scaleup Initiative), released in 2016, which two main objectives are:

Additionally, it responds to the demands of the technology founders addressed within the Startup Manifesto and Scaleup Manifesto.

The initiative also includes activities to help startups finding international outreach. Through the One Stop Shop, startups and ecosystem builders have easy access to all the funding services and other support offered at EU level.

Along the Startup Scaleup initiative, the Commission further explores measures to;

  • facilitate uptake of new technologies;
  • create better opportunities for access to finance and skills;
  • maximise the effectiveness of Europe's ecosystems.

Startup Europe and the European Commission cooperate to increase the impact of its initiatives and accelerate the growth of the European startup scene.