Strong links between innovation and policy are needed to shape the future social media and networks as a safe, open, creative and trustworthy environment.

cartoon depicting a computer drawn on a table, with different symbols for handheld technologies linking each person seated at the table

Access to information and social interaction has never been so easy with the constantly increasing number of social media users, services and objects connected through social networks and applications. We can now read news, apply for a job, shop, interact online, acquire new skills and build new relationships around the globe with a single click or tap. A hyper-connected European society is being born.

In this context, we must address the various challenges around social media and networks, notably :

Innovation and a balance between regulation, self-regulation and potential complementary measures are key to ensure a competitive and inclusive environment for social media and networks in Europe. Building upon strong links between policy and innovation, our activities aim to:

  • stimulate a multi-stakeholder dialogue through appropriate self-regulatory actions,
  • promote a responsible use of social media platforms through a sustained support of media literacy initiatives,
  • promote the constitution of a social media ecosystem community gathering developers, designers, users, artists, entrepreneurs and researchers,
  • encourage new social media initiatives to pave the way to the next generation of social media platforms for Europe, and to a future global social sphere.
  • Organise dedicated events to stimulate the discussion with users, innovators and public authorities.

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