The European Commission drives European Research, Technology & Innovation initiatives that enable future technologies, software, services and networks. 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are drivers for a Next Generation Internet delivery more to people and the economy.

Research projects funded by the European Commission, e.g. under the initiative of the Next Generation Internet, are supporting values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness and protection of privacy; giving the control back to the users in order to increase trust in the Internet.

Future networks have to be fast, flexible and responsive. Demands are increasing from both humans and machines for access to content, apps and services relevant to the context and location of the user.

The EU is investing in network technologies of the future through the Horizon2020 programme. Research in cloud computing will increase the uptake of cloud technology by providing the innovation, robustness, trustworthiness, and performance required for all applications. Increasing European competitiveness in cloud computing together with a free movement of data will contribute towards a connected Digital Single Market.

The European Commission has launched a Public Private Partnership on 5G, adopted a 5G Action Plan for Europe in 2016 and continue to invest in 5G research and standards. This strengthens EU know-how and leadership in the field of ultrafast broadband. A harmonised radio spectrum policy is also one of the areas that mark the benefits of investing in upcoming technologies.

The Commission has been increasing its support to Internet of Things(IoT) through policy actions. IoT is a system that merges physical and virtual worlds, creating smart environments for the benefit of European citizens and businesses.

Supercomputing is a strategic resource for Europe's future. The European Commission also promotes research, job innovation in robotics as it offers new solutions to societal challenges.