Digital Single Market's foreign policy ensures fair and transparent regulatory systems in the global scene. It covers telecommunications, audiovisual services and the Internet: market access, regulatory approximation, and internet governance.

The European Commission cooperates with many countries and international organisations to represent Europe's interests and actively promote the benefits of the Digital Single Market strategy's actions to all people.

Foreign policy on accessing the markets of major countries such as China, India, Brazil and the United States is the priority for many EU ICT companies. It contributes to the evolution of global internet and telecommunications in international organisations, fora and technical bodies.

The Commission also promotes proposals on internet governance that enhance transparency and meet the concerns of all stakeholders involved. The development of the Global Internet Policy Observatory is one such initiative to monitor Internet-policy regulatory and technological developments around the world.

EU legislation often assists partners in developing a fair and transparent regulatory system global, regional and bilateral activities.

The European Commission has taken steps to strengthen international cooperation on 5G through a series of joint Declarations on 5G with Brazil, China, Japan and South Korea.