Leader of exports of goods and services around the world, the European Union is now exporting its way of managing the digital transformation so that it works to the benefit of all, in line with European values. As more countries become inspired by the European digital governance model, European companies benefit from more opportunities to do business, and create more jobs for citizens in high-value added areas of the economy.

With its Global Digital Cooperation Strategy, the EU will put forward a new approach to digital transformation that projects European values onto the international stage.

A firm presence of digital topics in the EU’s development policy will boost growth and drive sustainable development, in line with Europe’s commitment to be a front runner in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The European Commission cooperates with many countries, international organisations and multilateral fora to represent Europe's interests and actively promote the benefits of the EU’s digital strategy.

  • Map or EU countries and Easter countries

    EU neighbours

    The European Commission works closely with third countries in the neighbouring vicinity of the EU: the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area members, candidates and potential candidates to join the EU, the Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership countries, the Middle East and North Africa region and Russia.

  • Map of the African continent


    The conclusions of the EU-AU Digital Economy Task Force will support the digital transformation in Africa, including the creation of an African single digital market. In 2020, this effort will be scaled to a Digital Partnership Hub that will consolidate the whole-of-EU approach initiated by the Digital4Development Coalition.

  • Map of American continent


    The digital economy and society is now firmly part of the agenda for the EU's relations with the Americas, from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), to Mexico, the USA and Canada.

  • Map of South-East Asia and Oceania


    EU’s digital strategy includes initiatives and dialogues with a view to forge stronger links with the very diverse countries in the Asia-Pacific region including China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

  • International organisations and multilateral fora

    The European model has proved to be an inspiration for many other partners as they seek to address policy challenges, and this should be no different when it comes to digital. This includes the work done under association and trade agreements, as wel as agreements reached with international bodies and multilateral fora with the support of EU Member States.