Children and kids need a safe environment as they surf the web. The Strategy for a Better internet for Children provides actions to empower them as they explore the digital world.

photo a family enjoying themselves while watching at a laptop

Children start using the Internet from the age of 7; between the age of 9 and 16, the average time they spend online amounts to 88 minutes. Children need quality content to stimulate their imagination and help them learn, but also the skills and tools for using the Internet safely and responsibly.

The Digital Single Market Strategy aims to have every European digital. Children have particular needs and vulnerabilities on the Internet, so that the Internet becomes a place of opportunities for children to access knowledge, to communicate, to develop their skills and to improve their job perspectives and employability.

The "Strategy for a Better Internet for Children" proposes a series of actions to be undertaken by the Commission, Member States and by the whole industry value chain.

  • With the strategy in action, children will benefit from better digital and media literacy skills and more creative and educational online content.
  • Parents and children will benefit from better ways of staying safe online, such as simple, effective tools for reporting abuse, age appropriate privacy settings, content classification schemes and parental controls.
  • Society at large would benefit from better procedures for identifying, notifying and taking down child sexual abuse material found online.

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