• The European Digital Media Observatory
    The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is a project that aims at creating and supporting the work of an independent multidisciplinary community capable of contributing to a deeper understanding of the disinformation phenomenon and to increase societal resilience to it.
  • Tackling online disinformation
    flow chart explaining actions to tackle disinformation in the EU
    The exposure of citizens to large scale disinformation, including misleading or outright false information, is a major challenge for Europe. The Commission is working to implement a clear, comprehensive and broad set of actions to tackle the spread and impact of online disinformation in Europe and ensure the protection of European values and democratic systems.
  • Media literacy
    Media literacy, our capacity to access, have a critical understanding of, and interact with the media has never been as important as in today's society. It enables citizens of all ages to navigate the modern news environment and take informed decisions.