• Tech All Stars
    Tech All Stars, the competition for Europe's best Startups invites 12 of the best young European startups to the most prestigious startup events across Europe and gets them connected to top EU funding sources, successful entrepreneurs and other influential individuals.
  • Startup Europe Advisory Board
    Members of the advisory board Startup Europe
    The Startup Europe Advisory Board helps to identify the underlying problems that the Startup Europe initiative needs to tackle in order to create a real startup ecosystem in Europe.
  • Startup Europe Forum
    The Startup Europe Forum, part of the ICT 2015 event, is dedicated to startups and small and medium-sized enterprises, innovators, private and public investors, and policy makers. Startup Europe Forum is part of the Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission.
  • Made in Hungary
    In recent years, Hungary has seen success stories like Prezi, which now serves as a source of inspiration for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Together with many others startups it has created a blossoming startup scene in Budapest.
  • Made in Germany
    Berlin is the heart of the German startup landscape. It is the place where most young entrepreneurs and developers start their digital businesses, but the rest of the country is digitising, too.
  • Made in France
    France's startup ecosystem is in the making. The country has the potential to become a leading startup nation.
  • Made in Bulgaria
    The startup scene in Bulgaria has flourished in recent years and there is certainly more to come.
  • Made in the Netherlands
    The Netherlands boasts a flexible and English-speaking workforce, exceptional digital access, many innovative centres and a need to look beyond the borders to create a business of meaningful size. These are some of the factors contributing to the surge of successful entrepreneurs in the country.
  • Made in Poland
    In recent years, Polish startups have changed their focus from domestic to global markets. Local startup scenes have emerged in Warsaw, Krakow and other cities, in part thanks to collaborative spaces such as the Warsaw Reaktor.
  • Startup Europe
    Startup Europe ramps up the connected Digital Single Market through a set of European Union initiatives to increase networking opportunities for startups, investors and accelerators. This thriving ecosystem multiplies jobs, growth and investment.