• Tech All Stars
    Tech All Stars, the competition for Europe's best Startups invites 12 of the best young European startups to the most prestigious startup events across Europe and gets them connected to top EU funding sources, successful entrepreneurs and other influential individuals.
  • Startup Europe Advisory Board
    The Startup Europe Advisory Board helps to identify the underlying problems that the Startup Europe initiative needs to tackle in order to create a real startup ecosystem in Europe.
  • Startup Europe Forum
    The Startup Europe Forum, part of the ICT 2015 event, is dedicated to startups and small and medium-sized enterprises, innovators, private and public investors, and policy makers. Startup Europe Forum is part of the Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission.
  • Startup Europe
    Startup Europe ramps up the connected Digital Single Market through a set of European Union initiatives to increase networking opportunities for startups, investors and accelerators. This thriving ecosystem multiplies jobs, growth and investment.
  • Startup success stories
    Take inspiration from entrepreneurs and startups in twelve Member States across the European Union. Many of the them facing very challenging times in terms of unemployment, particularly amongst the young in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.
  • Startup Europe: building the ecosystem
    Startup Europe coordinates EU work to connect clusters and ecosystems across Europe and aims at bringing stronger coherence between the different EU initiatives. It links up national and regional Ministries, innovation agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Startup Europe networks
    The European Commission stimulates the startup continent by connecting players of the European local hubs. It organises matchmaking between investors, corporates, entrepreneurs and regional decision-makers.
  • European Digital Forum
    The European Digital Forum (EDF) is an independent think tank dedicated to empowering tech entrepreneurs and growing Europe’s digital economy.