• European Open Science Cloud
    The European Commission launched the European Cloud Initiative to capitalise on the data revolution. It will provide European science, industry and public authorities with world-class digital infrastructure that bring state of the art computing and data storage capacity to the fingertips of any scientists and engineer in the European Union.
  • The European Cloud Initiative
    Infographic on European Cloud Initiative, subtitled "Unlocking the power
    The European Cloud Initiative will strengthen Europe's position in data-driven innovation, improve competitiveness and cohesion, and help create a Digital Single Market in Europe.
  • Citizen science
    Citizen Science
    Citizen Science spans a range of levels of engagement: from being better informed about science, to participating in the scientific process itself by observing, gathering or processing data.
  • e-Infrastructures
    e-Infrastructures address the needs of European researchers for digital services in terms of networking, computing and data management.
  • Open Science
    Scheme that represents the “Transformation of Science” process through a pyramid. On the top edge of the pyramid we find “Society” while on the two bottom edges we find “Innovation” and “Policy”. Inside the pyramid we find a square scheme. On the top side
    Open Science aims at transforming science through ICT tools, networks and media, to make research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society.
  • Global Systems Science
    The vision of Global Systems Science (GSS) is to provide scientific evidence to support policy-making, public action and civic society to collectively engage in societal action.