• Cyber-Physical Systems
    Background with light focusing in the middle with an atomic structure connected with cables
    Many objects in our world are controlled by computers: cars, buildings, manufacturing machines or even musical instruments. In these cases, computers interact directly with the physical world. That is why we call them “cyber-physical systems” (CPS).
  • System-of-Systems
    Picture of the globe with 3D representations of smart energy grids and transportation networks
    Systems-of-Systems (SoS) describe the large scale integration of many independent self-contained IT systems to satisfy global needs from citizens, taking into account multi-system requests.
  • Monitoring and Control
    Panel of control with various buttons
    Monitoring and Control (M&C) refers to the control of any system, device or network through automated procedures, managed by a control unit with or without the capability to display information.
  • Embedded Systems
    Immage showing Embeded Systems' functionality within a car
    Embedded systems (ES) are electronic products, equipment or more complex systems containing computing devices and special software that are not externally visible and generally inaccessible by the user.
  • Smart Anything Everywhere
    The initiative Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) aims to help SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps to enhance their products and services through digital technologies, with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs.