• Big Data
    Data has become a key asset for the economy and our societies similar to the classic categories of human and financial resources. Whether it is geographical information, statistics, weather data, research data, transport data, energy consumption data, or health data, the need to make sense of "Big data" is leading to innovations in technology, development of new tools and new skills.
  • What can big data do for you ?
    Big data presents great opportunities as they help us develop new creative products and services, for example apps on mobile phones or business intelligence products for companies. It can boost growth and jobs in Europe, but also improve the quality of life of Europeans.
  • Elements of the European data economy strategy
    The data-driven economy stimulates research and innovation on data, increases business opportunities and availability of knowledge and capital across Europe. The European Commission's position on the free flow of data and its analysis of emerging legal issues in the data economy is presented in its communication on "Building a European data economy".