• Towards 5G
    The "fifth generation" of telecommunications systems, or 5G, will be the most critical building block of our "digital society" in the next decade. Europe has taken significant steps to lead global developments towards this strategic technology.
  • Broadband Competence Offices Network
    The European Broadband Competence Offices Network and Support Facility is a European Commission project supporting broadband deployment throughout the EU and the achievement of the 2020 Digital Single Market goals.
  • Fake news
    The European Commission is discussing with platforms, news media, research and civil society organisations in order to design solutions to address the spread of fake news. The aim is to define the actors' responsibilities, while respecting the freedom of expression, media pluralism, and the right of citizens to diverse and reliable information.
  • Connecting Europe Facility
    The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) supports trans-European networks and infrastructures in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy. The European Commission has proposed a series of guidelines for telecommunications covering the objectives and priorities for Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) and broadband networks.
  • Social media and networks, innovation and policy
    Strong links between innovation and policy are needed to shape the future social media and networks as a safe, open, creative and trustworthy environment.
  • Advanced Computing
    Embedded ICT, cyber-physical systems and the advent of the Internet of things will allow the development of customised heterogeneous low-power computing systems delivering high-performance functionality in the next decade.
  • Policies for Ageing Well with ICT
    ICT can help older people to stay healthy, independent and active at work or in their community. The European Commission funds several research projects in the field.
  • Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)
    These days we can watch our favourite programmes from all over Europe not just on TV, but also via the internet or on our mobile devices. Like other goods and services, the audiovisual media are subject to the rules of the single European market.
  • Creating a Better Internet for Kids
    Children and kids need a safe environment as they surf the web. The Strategy for a Better internet for Children provides actions to empower them as they explore the digital world.
  • Big Data
    Data has become a key asset for the economy and our societies similar to the classic categories of human and financial resources. Whether it is geographical information, statistics, weather data, research data, transport data, energy consumption data, or health data, the need to make sense of "Big data" is leading to innovations in technology, development of new tools and new skills.