professional headshot of Pierre Lucas, member of Artificial Intelligence high level group
Manager, Orgalime - the European Technology Industries Association

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Pierre Lucas is Manager at Orgalime, the European Technology Industries Association, since 2009. He is in charge of coordinating the association’s industrial policy and digitisation activities, including on Artificial Intelligence, supporting the Director General and the dedicated working group set up end 2014 to push the EU to develop and implement an industrial policy that integrates all other EU policies of relevance, and to ensure that the EU’s digitisation strategy includes all manufacturing sectors. In this function, he is actively monitoring the EU Digital Agenda legislative and policy programme and the European Commission’s work on “Digitising European Industry”,  He is also the Secretary General of Europump (European Association of Pump Manufacturers), of Pneurop (European Association of Manufacturers of Compressors and Vacuum Pumps), and of EIA (European Irrigation Association), providing each association with strategic guidance, advocacy advice and daily management. A French and Belgian national, Pierre holds a Degree in Political Sciences from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris, a Certificate in Political Sciences of the Free University of Berlin, and a Master in European Policy Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges.