The most recent studies and final reports procured by DG Connect, together with the open datasets maintained by the Directorate, can be consulted via two user-friendly lists.

DG Connect applies transparency policy and promotes re-use of the relevant documents, reports and datasets (EC Decision 2011/833/EU).

The relevant resources are available on the following summary pages:

  • The most recent final reports of the studies procured by the Directorate. Consult also the Inventory of all the public reports since 2001, currently being sent to the Office of Publications for dissemination through the EU Bookshop.
  • The Open Datasets maintained by the Directorate in its administrative activity (i.e. research grants, reports from Member States) or created via contracted studies (i.e. raw data from surveys, inventories, and statistics). Datasets are published with their metadata - needed for data interpretation and re-use (Metadata includes codebooks, methodology and definitions, original questionnaires, administrative reports) Publication of Open Datasets is announced on the EU institutions Open Data Portal. Selected key indicators are published on the Digital-Agenda-Data semantic repository. They can be easily consulted, and downloaded via interactive charts.
1 April 2015
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9 May 2017
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