The Open and Disruptive Innovation (ODI) scheme aims to foster the development of fast-growing, innovative SMEs with promising, close-to market ideas bearing high disruptive potential in terms of products, services, models, and markets.

The goal of the proposed scheme is threefold:

  • nurture promising disruptive ideas;
  • support their implementation;
  • pave the way for wider deployment also through other instruments and funds.

Disruptive innovation encompasses any innovative concept, product and service that create new markets by applying new sets of rules, values and models which ultimately disrupt and/or overtake existing markets by displacing earlier technologies and alliances.

The ODI scheme focuses on ICT related disruptive innovation is implemented through the SMEs Instrument managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

With a dedicated budget of EUR 90 Million for 2014 and 2015, ODI will use the same rules and means as the SME instrument and will follow its 3 dedicated phases namely, "Concept Feasibility", "Demonstration & Prototyping", "Support towards Commercialisation" of the prototyped Solution.

Through the H2020 participant portal, ODI is presented as one of the topics supported through the SME instrument. The cut-off dates for proposals are as follows:

  • 2014

  • 2015

    • Phase 1- Concept Feasibility:
      • 18 March 2015;
      • 17 June 2015;
      • 17 September 2015;
      • 16 December 2015
    • Phase 2 - Demonstration & Prototyping:
      • 18 March 2015;
      • 17 June 2015;
      • 17 September 2015;
      • 16 December 2015

You can see a full list of topics available.

Further Information

In case of any doubts, an exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions page is available to answer your questions on the Open Disruptive Innovation scheme and its relationship with the SME Instrument

To find out more about the SME Instrument, visit the SME Instrument Frequently Asked Questions page.

Presentations about the SME Instrument and Open and Disruptive Innovation can be found here under Event Reports.

23 June 2014
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15 May 2018
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