The Commission launched a public consultation on the Green Paper on mobile health, which invited comments on the barriers and issues related to the use of mHealth.

Stakeholders' input will help identify the right way forward to unlock the potential of mobile health in the EU. The Commission also published a Staff Working Document on the existing EU legal framework applicable to lifestyle and wellbeing apps, aiming at providing simple guidance to app developers on EU legislation in the field.

The objective of this consultation was to receive the views of:

  • regional and national authorities e.g. health ministries, authorities dealing with medical devices/data protection
  • health professionals, carers, health practitioners, medical associations
  • consumers, users of mHealth apps, patients and their associations
  • web entrepreneurs
  • app developers and app stores
  • manufacturers of mobile devices
  • insurance agencies
  • sports centres, health clubs, etc.

This is not an exhaustive list – we welcomed replies from all interested parties.

Infographic: What is mHealth

What happens next?

The consultation was open from 10 April to 10 July 2014. Received contributions and the contributor's identity have been published on this website, unless a contributor objected to publication of their personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his or her legitimate interests. In this case, the contribution was published anonymously.

On the basis of the responses to this consultation, the Commission is looking into taking steps to support the implementation of mHealth in the EU.