• How to create an attractive environment for EU AI talent to stay in Europe | Digital Opportunity Traineeship
    News article11 December 2018

    By Lucilla Sioli, Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at DG Connect, European Commission

    As you can see from the announcement of the AI HLEG 'Enablers for Skills and Education' group, the work of the AI HLEG is advancing in a steady pace to the envisaged direction. While waiting for your valuable input on the topic of ‘AI Skills and Education’, I would like to use the opportunity to spread the word on a Commission's initiative relevant to the domain.<

  • AI, What’s New?
    News article11 December 2018

    By Melanie Peters, Director - Rathenau Instituut

    Digital Society

    It is some years ago that the world was shocked by Edward Snowden who hacked American secret service data and published them for the whole world to see. How was it possible that so many data had been collected? And that these data could be hacked? Big data and the safe storage of data became an issue. But soon we learned to reassure ourselves, that this was America and these were data belonging to important people. This would not happen to us.

    The American elections and th

  • AI : why corporate resistance is a blessing in disguise?
    News article11 December 2018

    By Loubna Bouarfa, Member of the High-Level Expert Group on AI


    As a machine learning scientist and CEO of a leading AI company, I have devoted my working life to building systems in which artificial intelligence can improve human lives. Artificial intelligence’s ability to process large quantities of data goes far beyond the abilities of any human expert. From enabling personalised evidence-based healthcare for patients and better foster care for children, or its use for complex medical research, AI has the potential to effectiv

  • How far can public service tasks be delegated to AI?
    News article11 December 2018

    By Franco Accordino, Head of Unit - Knowledge Management and Innovative Systems at DG CONNECT, European Commission

    For many years, automation in public administration was synonymous with optimizing existing routine tasks, procedures and workflows. Today, with the massive explosion of data and the growing take up of AI technologies, the scope becomes much wider than office automation. It encompasses tasks that require high-level cognitive skills and which were for long time the prerogative of public servants, such as understanding texts, drafting summaries, recognisin

  • “Black letter” Ethics for AI: Added Value and Limitations
    News article11 December 2018

    Imposing an ethical duty on AI systems and stakeholders to comply with binding rules of law, regulation and principles adopted by legislative, executive or judicial organs – hereafter, “black letter” ethics – looks like a modest ambition.  It is just the contrary. 

    AI compliance with black letter laws is not a given.  Take the human rights protected by the European Union (“EU”) Charter on Fundamental Rights (“the EU Charter”)[1].  The provisions of the EU Charter are only a source of obligation on the EU institutions and Member States’ actors, not on private parties[2].  AI systems,

  • Update of the AI HLEG work progress and next steps
    News article11 December 2018

    By Pekka Ala-Pietilä, Chair of the High-Level Expert Group on AI



    Dear members of the European AI Allianc

  • Should robots pay taxes?
    News article11 December 2018


    "Should robots pay taxes?" As ridiculous as this question may sound at first glance, it is at the core of the debate that we should have about the future of the tax and benefit systems as the arrival of Artificial Intelligence might necessitate a radical rethinking to safeguard the sustainability of public finances. 

    The rapidly increasing application of the AI technologies will undoubtedly impact how we work in the future. On the one hand, the new technologies have the potential to improve workers' lives by – among others – decreasing the relative amount of onerous or tedio

  • Closed Meeting of the AI HLEG
    News article11 December 2018

    The AI HLEG will have a closed meeting on 8 November in Brussels, in order to advance the work on the two Deliverables.

    The meeting agenda can be downloaded here.

  • ERW2018 - European Robotics Week
    News article11 December 2018

    The European Robotics Week (ERW) was conceived at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2011 by the desire of the European Robotics community to bring robotics research and development closer to the public and to build the future Robotics Society. Since then and every year, the ERW has offered one week of various robotics related activities across Europe for the general public, highlighting the growing importance of robotics in a wide variety of application areas and the growing importance of skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to engage in dialogue on science-driven soci

  • IEEE ICTAI 2018 - 30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence
    News article11 December 2018

    ICTAI 2018: The annual IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) provides a major international forum where the creation and exchange of ideas related to artificial intelligence are fostered among academia, industry, and government agencies.

    The conference facilitates the cross-fertilization of these ideas and promotes their transfer into practical tools, for developing intelligent systems and pursuing artificial intelligence applications.

    The ICTAI encompasses all technical aspects of specifying, developing and evaluating the theoretical unde