• Experts Meeting on Robotics
    Event8 November 2004

    Workshop on advanced robotic systems and their effective integration in human environments for extending and enhancing people's own ability to perform crucial tasks and human-human communication. This workshop will offer the opportunity to reflect on the synergy that could be developed between the area of robotics and other relevant research areas.

  • DigiCult leaflet-European research into digital heritage
    Brochure8 November 2004

    European research into digital heritage: What are the objectives? What is being funded? Who are the actors? The leaflet presents a summary of the previous work and the research goals from 2005 onwards.

  • Video: e-Security in Online Banking
    Video8 November 2004

    With Internet access and a credit card you can buy almost anything online. But before typing in your credit card number and PIN code, you might ask yourself the question: “Is there a risk of anyone stealing my details?” The European BANCA project helps avoid such scenarios by using face and voice information as your password for ‘smart cards’. In this way data security and confidentiality are guaranteed.

  • The European Commission and media industry : The need for a new partnership
    Speech5 November 2004

    European Newspaper Publishers' Association Congress, Luxembourg, le 3 décembre 2004

  • RSA Conference Europe 2004
    Event3 November 2004 to 5 November 2004

    This major information security event brings together IT professionals, developers, policy makers, industry leaders and academics to share information and exchange ideas on technology trends and best practices in identity theft, hacking, cyber-terrorism, biometrics, network forensics, perimeter defense, secure web services, encryption and related topics. The European Information Security Awards 2004, recognising and rewarding significant achievements in the field of Information Security across Europe, will be presented at the opening of the conference.

  • Towards what knowledge society? 2nd Online Congress of the Cybersociety Observatory
    Event2 November 2004 to 14 November 2004

    From an open and committed multidisciplinary perspective the Congress will focus on the concept of CyberSociety as its object of study. The Congress invites participants to reflect on the following question: What Kind of Knowledge Society are we heading for ? A call for participation in working groups is open until 11 June

    Event2 November 2004 to 4 November 2004

    CARTES 2004 will include an exhaustive and international selection of exhibits covering the entire microprocessor card market sector: manufacturers and card embedders, manufacturing machinery, component manufacturers, supply manufacturers, card personalization, engineering, terminals and readers. IT SECURITY 2004 is the fair on physical security and logical access solutions, IT systems and government applications.

  • Commission proposes One-Stop-Shop and other measures to simplify VAT obligations
    Press release29 October 2004

    The European Commission has presented a proposal to simplify current Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance obligations to help cross-border traders who supply goods and services to other EU Member States. In particular the proposal would provide for a “one-stop-shop” system whereby a trader could fulfil all his VAT obligations for EU-wide activities in the Member State in which he is established. This system would allow traders to use a single VAT number for all supplies made throughout the EU and to make VAT declarations to a single electronic portal that would then be submitted automatically to the different Member States to which the trader supplies goods or services. The proposal also contains five other simplification measures.

  • IST 2004 Event - Call for Networking Sessions proves a big success
    News article28 October 2004

    Networking sessions will complement the IST 2004 conference and exhibition (The Hague, Netherlands, 15-17 November 2004). They bring together people who are interested in a specific topic in order to discuss project ideas, research activities and business partnerships. A call for ideas for these networking sessions is now coming to a close (deadline : 29/10). More than 150 proposals have been received, from which a selection will now be made. Registration for the conference is still open.

  • eChallenges e2004 Conference
    Event27 October 2004 to 29 October 2004

    eChallenges brings together leading Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) enterprises, professionals, researchers, academics and public authorities to share their experience, vision and projects and increase awareness of exploitable technologies and applications in diverse areas of business and society.The core thematic priorities for e-2004 are: eBusiness, Future forms of organisations, Technology and Applications eGovernment, Services to Citizens and Business, Organisational Transformation, eWork-New Working Environments, eEurope 2005 and ICT take-up by SMEs and International Collaboration on IST.