• EU-China : Where does co-operation add most value ?
    News article15 November 2004

    China has undergone dramatic change since it opened to the outside world in 1978. It has become a major trading nation, thanks to a rapid internal transformation that has made it shift from a centrally planned economy to a market-driven one engaged in global commerce. The country’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has accelerated this process.On the research side, EU and China have cooperated very successfully and Chinese organisations have taken part in many IST projects. An IST conference session will offer an opportunity to hear presentations on China’s national Information Society programmes and initiatives. Because of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, an "EU-China Working Group on Digital Olympics" was created in 2002. This aims to take advantage of the 2008 Olympic Games to strengthen scientific and technical cooperation between Europe and China. (Tuesday, 16/11, 9.00-10.30, Room Prins Willem Alexander)

  • Wireless Telecommunications & Health Risks - Facts about potential health risks
    Event15 November 2004

    BELTUG and Agoria ICT organise this symposium to answer people’s concerns about wireless communication hazards in the daily working environment. Its target group are company medical officers, labour safety and telecoms agents, ICT managers, ICT service and equipment providers, and anyone involved in wireless communications related safety issues.

  • New factsheets on the Information Society published
    News article14 November 2004

    A number of new factsheets on the Information Society have been published. The factsheets are short, non-technical presentations of both EU Information Society policies and programmes. Factsheets on the EU's policies with regard to the electronic communications regulatory framework, the '.eu' domain, intellectual property and digital rights management, radio spectrum and mobile communications, privacy and spam, and on Programmes such as IST, eContent, eTEN and Safer Internet have been produced. Pick up your copy at the European Commission's Information Stand.

  • IST 2004 Event : open for business
    News article14 November 2004

    Opening speeches were made by Wilbert Stolte, deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague, Chris Buijnk, Director General of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and by Fabio Colasanti, Director General of the Information Society DG of the European Commission. Other keynote speakers included Mrs. Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia, Mr. Mangena, South African Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Hendricks (Philips), Mr. Alahuhta (Nokia), Mr. Meric (HP Europe), Mr. Donofrio (IBM). The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by fireworks, followed by a VIP tour of the projects on show.

  • IPv6 - The future of the Knowledge Society
    News article14 November 2004

    IPv6 is a key technology for the Next Generation Internet. It is an upgrade to the Internet Protocol, which is central to the working of the Internet. The primary motivation for the design and deployment of IPv6 is to expand the available address space of the Internet, thereby enabling networking of billions of new devices (PDAs, cellular phones, appliances..) and new users. IPv6 plays a fundamental role in the deployment of 3G cellular networks, together with new multimedia services and applications. Users will be able to take avantage of new services and applications. Six IPv6 cluster project demonstrations can be visited in an IPv6 broadband PowerLineCommunications digital home and a wireless IPv6 enabled car. (IPv6 cluster, Stand W4.1-6)

  • Networking sessions : join in !
    News article14 November 2004

    Networking sessions bring together people who are interested in a specific topic in order to discuss project ideas, research activities and business partnerships. After a call for ideas for these networking sessions, more than 160 proposals have been received, out of which 72 sessions have been selected. All networking sessions are open for IST 2004 visitors.

  • Dutch Pavilion : showtime !
    News article14 November 2004

    The Dutch Pavilion presents examples of how Dutch ICT companies and universities are ensuring that every citizen benefits from the knowledge-based economy. A studio in the middle of the pavilion will present a series of shows including : Intensive Care Ambulance Online, a new process of intensive care transport ; SARAgene, giving an insight into genomics using virtual reality and 3D visualisation ; MobiData : instant information anywhere for police forces, fire brigades and ambulance services in mission critical situations. A detailed programme can be found at www.ist2004.nl

  • EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table continues efforts to promote EU-Russia economic ties
    Press release14 November 2004

    At its 6th General Conference in The Hague, the EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table (IRT) - which annually develops recommendations to Russia and the European Commission on trade and regulatory barriers - adopted a set of joint conclusions and recommendations to governments on the implementation of the plan to create a Common Economic Space with Russia. The Round Table also adopted specific conclusions in the areas of Energy, Information and Communication Technologies, Transports and Forestry. The Commission expressed its support to the process, commending the IRT for the serious work carried out, and its efforts to promote closer economic relations with Russia and eliminate barriers to trade and investment. See also : IST2004 Event, The Hague, The Netherlands, 15-17 November 2004 - Conference Session: EU Russia -Where does co-operation add most value?

  • New page: Even Gender Distribution in the Information Society Advisory Group
    News article13 November 2004

    A page has been published on the Information Society Portal on the Even Gender Distribution in the Information Society (EGDIS) Advisory Group, which aims to investigate possible ways for promoting even gender distribution in all areas of the Information Society. A conference session will be held at IST 2004 on November 16.

  • DfA:AT - Design for All and Assistive Technology European Awards 2004
    Event12 November 2004

    The European Commission announced the winners of the very first Design for All and Assistive Technology Awards at a ceremony held in Düsseldorf, Germany. The awards, which are a Commission initiative, took place as part of the International Rehacare Trade Fair and recognise excellence in the areas of Design for All and Assistive Technology.