• Spectrum Trading Workshop
    Event11 December 2003

    In the framework of the study conducted for the European Commission and entitled "Study on conditions and options in introducing secondary trading of radio spectrum in the European Community", a public workshop is scheduled to take place in Brussels on 11 December 2003. This study is conducted by a consortium led by Analysys Consulting and including DotEcon and Hogan & Hartson. If you wish to attend the workshop, please register on the web site of Analysys consulting. Deadline for registration is 28 November 2003. Moreover, input can be provided by completing a questionnaire.

  • The World Summit on the Information Society
    Event10 December 2003 to 12 December 2003

    The First Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society will address a broad range of themes and adopt a Declaration of Principles and a Plan of Action, addressing the whole range of issues related to the Information Society. The second phase will take place in Tunis (Tunisia) from 16 to 18 November 2005. The European Commission also participates in the parallel exhibition with an information stand (Geneva Palexpo - nr. 617)

  • ECTA 4th Annual Regulatory Conference 2003
    Event10 December 2003 to 12 December 2003

    The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) 4th Annual Regulatory Conference will bring together the European Commission, national regulators and industry to discuss and debate current public policy issues

  • IST-Project wins first prize in the 2003 International Information Industry Awards in London Dec 4
    News article10 December 2003

    The prize was conferred on the Knowledge Management Forum for their website "KnowledgeBoard" "http://www.knowledgeboard.com/" which was judged to provide the most exciting online user experience. The international award is held in high esteem by the Information Industry. The Knowledge Management Forum is an accompanying measure funded by Europe's IST research programme. It aims to build up a knowledge management community in Europe and to support and identify commonality in terminology, application and implementation.

  • Erkki Liikanen emphasises the role of local authorities in the development of the Information Society
    News article10 December 2003

    The World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society in Lyon, France 4-5 December brought together more than 1000 representatives from all over the world. The main goal of the Summit was to discuss the role of cities and local authorities in the context of World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) taking place in Geneva 10-12 December. Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society spoke at the plenary session. He emphasised the importance of active participation by local elected authorities to reach an inclusive information society. Mr. Liikanen expressed his belief that the participation of local authorities in the WSIS will help mobilise the local resources needed to implement the Action Plan to be agreed upon at the WSIS. The Cities e World-Lyon concluded with the adoption of a declaration as a contribution to the WSIS. The declaration stressed the dedication of local authorities to take part in the development of the Information Society. They also expressed the commitment of the Summit participants to a number of principles and actions. In the declaration, participants also requested that it would be officially attached to the declaration to be adopted at the WSIS and that local authorities would be officially associated with the implementation of the WSIS Action Plan.

  • EuroNanoForum 2003
    Event9 December 2003 to 12 December 2003

    The investigation of matter and its control at the nano-scale present a huge potential that can bring benefits to society as a whole and greatly increase industrial competitiveness. The EuroNanoForum aims at examining the present situation in the development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies in Europe. This well take place within the context of the international state of the art and in line with the objectives of the European Research Area (ERA), the forthcoming enlargement of the European Union, the international dimension and the integrating character of the 6th Framework Programme. The Forum will address the main bottlenecks or barriers to the expansion and reinforcement of nanosciences in general. Rosalie Zobel, Director of Components and Subsystems - Applications at the Information Society Directorate-General of the European Commission, will chair the conference session on "Research, Industrial Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Financing Instruments".

  • Optical Technologies: A HighLight for European Research
    Event9 December 2003 to 11 December 2003

    Commissioner Liikanen will be attending the opening of the Optical Technologies event where he will present the European Commission’s point of view on Optical Technologies. Optical Technologies is being organised by VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) and supported by over 50 organisations from 15 European countries. It will focus on the growing importance of Optical Technologies for Europe. The accompanying interactive exhibition "The Fascination of Light" will be open from the 10th to 11th and promises to take you on a journey through the world of Optical Technologies.

  • Workshop on eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) - The new foundation for knowledge-based Societies
    Event9 December 2003

    A clear objective of the EU 6th Framework Programme is the realisation of a Grid-empowered infrastructure to create new enhanced research facilities and to foster innovation in Europe. The main aim of the workshop is to promote the discussion and to decide on the next steps and actions towards the harmonization of the different policies in Europe on electronic resources (notably computing-Grid, data storage and networking resources). This includes discussions on how to promote and establish links to similar initiatives in other parts of the world. Luis Rodríguez-Roselló, Director of Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures, Applications in the Information Society Directorate-General of the European Commission will be co-introducing the event. Dr. Mario Campolargo, Head of Unit for research infrastructure in DG INFSO will chair the session on The International Dimension. Finally Kyriakos Baxevanidis, Scientific Officer in DG-INFSO, will be chairman of the session on Organization and Structure of the eInfrastructure Reflection Group.

  • IST shows developments for an interoperable Information Society at IBC2003 in Amsterdam
    News article9 December 2003 to 16 September 2003

    At the International Broadcasting convention IBC2003 in Amsterdam, 12-16 September, the European Commission is presenting an IST Village in Hall 3 of the exhibition. This highlights a number of important results and developments from IST projects in technologies supporting the interoperability of different platforms: -User friendly digital right management (DRM) systems, including peer-to-peer environments: BUSMAN, MOSES, MUFFINS, SHARE-IT -New ways of interaction with and search for audio-visual content: CIMWOS, CULTOS, ICE-CREAM, SPATION, WEDELMUSIC -Interoperability of audio-visual streams across different platforms in the home and in the studio: ASSET, EDICT, FUTUREHOME The display includes working demonstrators of interoperability, which have been based on Open Standards

  • World Summit to set out a strategic vision for a global information society
    Press release9 December 2003

    The United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will take place in Geneva from the 10th to the 12th December 2003. This is the single most important political event dedicated to the Information Society since the European Commission coined the phrase in the mid-Nineties. Heads of State and Government and senior ministers from around the world should agree a Declaration of Principles governing the global information society and a Plan of Action to guide countries in making it a reality. Erkki Liikanen, Commissioner for the Information Society has been asked by President Prodi to represent the European Commission throughout the Summit, while Commissioner for development and humanitarian aid, Poul Nielson, will attend the Summit on the 10th December to sign a joint position on information society for development with the Union's African, Caribbean and Pacific partners. A second session of the World Summit will take place in Tunis in November 2005.