• Inland waterway transport: Commission boosts modern information and communication services
    Press release7 June 2004

    The Commission proposed on 7 June new legislation on harmonised Traffic Information Services (“River Information Services” - RIS) on inland waterways in the European Union. RIS will contribute to the modernisation of the network and make inland waterway transport a competitive alternative and a valuable partner in the intermodal transport chain. Vice-President Loyola de Palacio expects that the proposal will be supported by the Member States. “River Information Services can really increase the safety, reliability and efficiency of inland waterway transport, and thus improve the competitiveness of this cheap, economical and environmentally friendly transport mode”, she said.

  • European Space Policy: experts get down to business
    Press release7 June 2004

    The implementation of European Space Policy is moving forward this week as experts from Member States and international organisations meet to flesh out the main lines of a European Space Programme. Experts have met on 7 June to assess the EU’s space and security capabilities and future needs. Discussions on the security dimension of Space Policy address satellite border control, conflict prevention, humanitarian missions, and fighting organised crime and terrorism. On 4 June, Member State experts gathered with European Commission and ESA officials to discuss the various elements of a European Space Programme. These elements include space science and technology, Earth observation, space navigation, satellite communication, space exploration, micro-gravity, launchers and spectrum policy related to space. Last Friday’s meeting launched the implementation of the new Framework Agreement between the European Community and the European Space Agency. The Commission and ESA are due to propose, in early 2005, a comprehensive European Space Programme, which is meant to act as a coherent reference agenda for Europe’s efforts in the space sector.

  • Space: for a more competitive and secure Europe
    Press release7 June 2004

    Background note on "Space and European Security"

  • The Commission's Information Society Directorate General launches a new call for expression of interest
    News article4 June 2004

    The Call covers the provision of services involving various technical, conceptual and organisational tasks pertaining to the communication and information activities of the Information Society DG. Persons or organisations who are interested in having their name entered on a list of potential contractors are invited to submit an application.

  • European IST Prize : 430 companies from 29 countries in competition
    News article4 June 2004

    France and The Netherlands have the strongest participation in this year's Information Society Technologies Prize, followed by Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK.The 70 European IST Prize Nominees and, among them, the 20 Winners, will be announced in late September. The twenty Winners will exhibit their products at the European IST Prize Winners Village at the 2004 IST Event in The Hague on 15-17 November. Three Grand Prize Winners will be selected among the 20 Winners. They will receive each €200,000 and the European IST Prize Trophy at an Awards Ceremony organised in early 2005. The decision on the EISTP Nominees, Winners and Grand Prize Winners will be taken by the European Commission, based on a ranking proposal established by Euro-CASE, the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering.

  • Commissioner Figel' tells ETNO "Our doors are always open"
    News article4 June 2004

    In a short speech given to the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association at a reception in Brussels on 3 June, Jan Figel', new Member of the European Commission, stated his appreciation of the close dialogue maintained between ETNO and the Commission for many years, and throughout the transformation of this industry sector to the liberalised markets and broadband networks of today. Mr Figel', who is working closely with Commissioner Liikanen on policies related to Enterprise and the Information Society, had been impressed by the welcome received by the new countries of Europe, and by the warm working relationships already established with their network operators. He - and the Commission Services responsible for the Information Society - would continue to listen to the views that ETNO is expressing.

  • Knowledge-Based Systems for the Public Sector
    Event3 June 2004 to 4 June 2004

    Event orgazined by KDNet, the European Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence. The symposium consists of a two-day international exhibition and 4 workshops on the following topics: Knowledge-Based Systems and Services for Health Care, Mining Official Data,KD for Environmental Management and Legal Knowledge-Based Systems for eGovernance. The network and European Commission members, companies and public sector delegates are presenting their experience, state-of-the-art research and application projects from the public sector by addressing junior and senior researchers, consultants, reviewers and practitioners from research institutions, governmental organisations and industry.

  • Video: Protecting Patient Data
    Video1 June 2004

    For every physician and patient, reduction of medical error is a priority issue. 10% of diagnoses and prescriptions are estimated to be flawed. Similarly, it is important to prevent data ‘mis-transmission’ as well as to assure patient confidentiality. These goals can be achieved at once through the introduction of ‘Mobi-Dev’, a new handheld technology that allows healthcare data to be easily computerised. It is being trialled in the San Raffaele clinic in Italy, whose patients suffer from severe heart disease.

  • First Symposium on Digitisation of Film Archives
    Event1 June 2004

    FIRST - Film Restoration and Conservation Strategies – is a Project of the European Film Archives (ACE), supported by the European Commission, that has been focussing on the digitisation of movies with the aim of conserving the film patrimony and amplifying its diffusion. The goal of the Symposium is to promote the exchange of ideas, policy-matters and visions among the industry’s principal stakeholders and to present FIRST’s conclusions. The Symposium will cover issues related to Technological Transformation, New Distribution Opportunities, Better Access to Film Heritage, the Cultural Role of Europe, and Policy Perspectives on the Future.